The 1st annual Worship2023 event will be held on October 6, 2023 in Reno, NV from 7-10pm. It is a FREE event, so come worship the LORD with us! We encourage all Christian church denominations to come together for this event...one mission, one LORD.

If the LORD moves you to bring canned food, we will be accepting donations that will go to help the homeless and given directly to the Reno Sparks Gospel Mission for distribution.

The venue can only hold approximately 250 people so come early to make sure you get into the event!

This year's theme will be "When Light Gathers." Every believer has the light of Jesus within them. When believers come together, it creates gathered light. And once gathered light photons are concentrated into one targeted area (like through a magnifying glass), it can create a spark, an explosion, and a fire! So, let's come together as community and ask GOD to light a Holy Spirit fire in Washoe County, the state of Nevada, the United States and the whole world for Jesus!

The event will start with a worship room experience that includes contemporary Christian worship music, prayer, and reflection on the LORD. This will get our hearts prepared for Joshua Royal and his band to help lead us into corporate worship to culminate "When Light Gathers." God willing, this will facilitate a holy time of assembly and worship to our GOD! We believe the LORD will show up in miraculous ways!

If you have any questions, feel free to email us from the "Contact" page on this website. Hope to see you there! - The RCH Events Team

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