#ROASTED! is our encouragement campaign to remind you that JESUS LOVES YOU!!!

We sincerely hope that you were blessed and encouraged today! Please enjoy all of the tasty cups of coffee from our 2.5 ounce sample bag. Just think, this coffee was probably gifted to you by a complete stranger. Only God can motivate people to do that!

Remember, Jesus does love you and will never leave you nor forsake you. Have an awesome day!


Our version of this random acts of kindness (RAK) campaign was inspired by #DUCKED, which was thought up by Springfield Baptist Church in Tennessee. You can read about their program here.

Springfield Baptist was inspired by a particular Jeep and Duck trend called "Jeep Ducking" that started in Ontario, Canada. It's focus was random acts of kindness using rubber ducks. You can read about the origins of "Jeep Ducking" here.


Read below if you want to join in on the #roasted! RAK campaign!

Anyone can get involved. All you have to do is get a free order of our 2.5 ounce sample coffee bags here and then be really creative! Place one on a Jeep (or other type of vehicle), put one in a gift basket to give away, bring a bunch of them to a homeless shelter, or give a bag directly to a person that has been on your mind recently. You can even conduct your own #roasted!RAK outreach event handing them out for free at a public venue. Just follow the LORD's lead and you cannot go wrong.

Even though this started as a Jeep trend, maybe it will expand to other areas or other random acts of kindness. Who knows...but if God is involved, anything is possible!

The 2.5 ounce sample bags make one pot of coffee (10-12 cups) and lists all the information for your #roasted! person(s) to be encouraged and blessed by your gift. The sample bags are free of charge for up to three in an order.